Into Film creates homeschool survival kit

Education charity Into Film has created a new homeschooling survival package to help beleaguered families in Northern Ireland get to the end of the current lockdown.

Hundreds of parents, teachers and pupils across Northern Ireland have been enjoying Into Film’s suite of free activities. Now the organisation is expanding its offering.

“It’s been a real marathon for families, but we are on the home stretch hopefully. We have put together a mix of film-based activities that can support learning in areas such as literacy, ICT, personal development as well as maths and arts. Our aim is to support parents and teachers through activities that the young people will love,” explained Sean Kelly, Project Delivery Manager, Into Film NI.

Belfast mum Jackie Magee said the resources from Into Film have been a great help for homeschooling her P6 son Rudi.

“Lockdown has been so incredibly stressful. When we tried some of the activities from Into Film it gave us a real lift. Here was something he could do that was educational, tied into the curriculum but it was fun. I thought that was really good as it engages children in a totally different way.”

Into Film, a UK-wide charity with a base in Northern Ireland, has three different packages available to parents and teachers: a Home-Learning During COVID Resource, the Film Buff Challenge and ScreenWorks Online.

The Into Film site has a huge range of free, fun activities that young people can complete independently. Go to to find the full range.

The Film Buff Challenge provides resources that teachers can use both online and in the classroom.  Taking part in the challenge includes a visit from an Into Film team member to your virtual classroom to explain the challenge, screen a short film and get the children started on an activity using the digital workbook provided.

Donegall Road Primary’s P5 class took part in their first Into Film Zoom session last week. Teacher Julie Annette said: “The children really enjoyed the Zoom lesson, particularly as they are working from home at present and feel very removed from the classroom setting and their classmates and teachers. I hope it will promote their talking and listening skills.”

The Film Buff Challenge is suitable for seven to 14-year-olds and is designed to support all levels and styles of learning. The Challenge runs until the end of summer term and is open to all schools in Northern Ireland. Find out more at

Finally, ScreenWorks online is a programme for secondary school pupils to learn about screen industry careers. With a mix of digital classroom learning and videos about work in the sector from some of Northern Ireland’s leading professionals. To find out more go to

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