International Women’s Day NI celebrates ‘The New Phenomenal’

By March 18, 2021General, News, Newsroom

This year’s International Women’s Day in Northern Ireland will focus on the ‘phenomenal women’ who have made an impact on society during the pandemic and beyond.

Covid-19 restrictions mean that all activity will take place online but Reclaim the Agenda will be hosting a programme of free events from 1-14th March.

Danielle Roberts, co-chair of Reclaim the Agenda, said: “There has been a lot of talk about ‘the new normal’ recently, but why should we settle for going back to normal? We’ve a chance to reshape society into one that is more equal for everyone.”

The rally, which normally includes a march from Writer’s Square to City Hall, will move online on Saturday, March 6 from 11am to 12.30pm with an interactive programme including speeches by some phenomenal women.

“We want to encourage women to wear their feminist swag, make placards and join in the fun and entertainment from their living rooms. We are celebrating all the phenomenal women who have rallied during the pandemic, from healthcare and other essential workers, to those home-schooling, caring and volunteering, and all the activists driving change,” Danielle added.

The speakers on the day will include: New Yorker Nancy Wallach from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, Sonya McMullan from Women’s Aid Federation NI, Naomi Sloan from Youth Action, Coumilah Manjoo Belfast Multi-Cultural Association, Hasna Elsifyofi of the Sudanese Community Association of NI, Susan Campbell of the British Deaf Association and Deborah Yapicioz of the Unison Women’s Committee as well as Belfast Lord Mayor Frank McCoubrey who will give a welcome on the day.

Over the fortnight there are more than 20 events celebrating the role of women and the fight for equality in Northern Ireland and across the world.

Highlights include:

  • March 2 – NI Centenary event discussion how women made their voices heard in 1921 and how things have changed in 100 years
  • March 8 –International Women’s Day solidarity greetings from near and far
  • March 9 – Am I On Mute? Can You Hear Me? A discussion on the difficulty for women creating change
  • March 11th – Betty Sinclair – Celebrating life of Betty Sinclair with her great great niece Jenny Nelson

The Northern Ireland International Women’s Day programme will be officially launched online on February 24 at 12.30pm with stories from phenomenal women who carried us through the pandemic and a vision for a more positive future.

For more information about this year’s International Women’s Day “The New Phenomenal” go to #IWDNI21

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