Innovation Factory hosts major drone event

By June 7, 2019Corporate, General, News, Newsroom

Leading experts from the drone industry have highlighted the positive use of this emerging technology at a unique event at the Innovation Factory in Belfast.

Aimed at local business owners, the free seminar on applied drone technology revealed the benefits of using drones and explored the full potential of autonomous technology.

Three of the UK and Ireland’s drone industry experts discussed current legislation and changes in regulation, how businesses are using drone technology and highlighted drone innovations in development in Ireland.

Innovation Factory on the Springfield Road organised the event in partnership with its in-house drone experts EVP Group Limited, along with Leeds-based COPTRZ; ARPAS-UK (The UK Drone Association) and Drone Consultants Ireland.

Niall Mulvaney, Operations Director at EVP Group said: “Most of the time when you hear about drones, it’s a negative story. You rarely hear about the positive impact drones are having across a wide range of industries like construction, conservation and renewables. We want to reinforce a positive message and assure businesses that drone technology is affordable, obtainable and easy to integrate into their everyday operations.”

Majella Barkley, Centre Director at Innovation Factory said those attending would gain significant insight into the different drone technologies that could benefit their businesses.

She said: “This is one of the most exciting advances with huge potential for Northern Ireland but it is also at an early stage of its development so this is a chance to demystify this new technology. This information day will give business leaders the chance to understand how it can benefit their businesses, to hear real examples of companies currently using drone technology and to learn about the legal, regulatory and compliance implications of this emerging industry.”

Andrew Murray, Commercial Director at EVP Group added: “We feel a responsibility to raise awareness of responsible and safe drone use. Having worked with youth organisations and schools, I am always surprised that drones do not play a greater part in training and education. Autonomy and automation are the future of industries such as transport, manufacturing, construction and agriculture; therefore our kids need access to education as early as possible”.

Innovation Factory is owned by Belfast City Council and operated on their behalf by Oxford Innovation. The £9.1m business hub was funded by Belfast City Council and Invest NI with support from the European Regional Development Fund.

Customers include a range of start-ups and growing businesses in a variety of sectors including digital services, creative industries, business services, financial services and research and development.

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