Into Film announces free home educational activities

An education resource designed for use in schools is now available free online for Northern Ireland families to assist with home learning during the coronavirus outbreak.

Education charity Into Film has a pack of useful teaching tools to help children of all ages with literacy, creative writing, critical thinking, film making and other skills to continue to learn while the schools are closed.

Into Film is a UK-wide organisation with a regional hub in Northern Ireland, which aims to put film at the heart of children and young people’s education, helping to support their academic, cultural, and social development.

Sean Kelly of Into Film said: “This will be a difficult time for families, and we want to make our resources and support freely available to everyone. These activities will provide help for teachers and parents by providing simple, easy and useful tasks that young people can complete unaided. Among other things, our activities will give young people the ability to turn any film or television viewing into an educational experience.”

The activities include writing film reviews, exploring film genres, curating cinema programmes and making your own movie.

Into Film’s review writing guides can help young people apply their film knowledge, critical thinking and literacy skills to any film, providing a valuable and entertaining means of honing their English and writing skills.

Young people can also submit their review to the Into Film website for entry in the Review of the Week competition, with great prizes to be won including film prizes and family cinema vouchers to help support cinemas when they reopen.

Online activities also encourage and support young people to make films that can be done on a mobile phone or tablet. And its ongoing Film of the Month competition offers the perfect way for young people to keep busy with a practical project that can be completed within the home, enhancing various skills including organisation, planning, IT and creative thinking.

Into Film’s aim is to support as many teachers and parents as possible in the coming weeks, by keeping children intellectually stimulated and entertained. To access  or download Into Film’s free resources go to:

To contact Into Film directly email: