Tales of Ghosts and Ghouls at W5’s AMAZE experience

Spooky myths and legends from Ireland’s rich folklore are brought to life in Creatures of the Night, a new multi-media exhibition at W5’s AMAZE experience.

As part of W5’s Halloween celebrations, this multi-screen attraction explores ghoulish figures such as the Irish headless horseman known as The Dullahan, the man of hunger Fir Gorta who rattles his tin cup by the roadside and the wailing Banshee who comes in three forms.

W5, Northern Ireland’s Science and Discovery Centre, continues to develop new content for AMAZE, the UK and Ireland’s first tourist attraction to combine all the elements of soundscapes, multi-screen projections, physical props and structures, 360 degree projection and augmented reality (AR) portals enabling visitors to delve into new worlds and experience technological innovations first hand.

W5 Adrian Lutton said: “This unique technology enables AMAZE to offer countless new experiences for our visitors. We are excited that we can continually change content to tell memorable stories using the latest sound and vision techniques.”

The project was supported by the Inspiring Science Fund, a scheme co-founded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Wellcome. Additional support came from the Odyssey Trust, and Tourism NI, which provided nearly £400k from its Immersive Technology Fund.

AMAZE will support Tourism NI’s ambition to double tourism value by 2030 with the continuing development of compelling immersive tourism attractions.

The investment supplements the planned £4.5m investment in W5 to create eight brand new themed zones, scheduled to be completed by June 2020. £3m funding was awarded through the Inspiring Science Fund and a further £1.5m invested by the Odyssey Trust.

Creatures of the Night will run until November 3. To find out more about W5 visit www.w5online.co.uk.