Ormeau businesses unite for a bright future

By October 26, 2012News, Newsroom

A new business association is uniting companies along the length of the Ormeau Road, one of Belfast’s most diverse and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods.


The Ormeau Business Association was officially launched this week at a networking event at the Errigle Inn, which brought together the rich variety of businesses stretching just over two miles from Cromac Street to Forestside.


The Association was formally established with the mission to “Promote the Ormeau Road and surrounding area as a family friendly destination for all communities – part of the city for the entire city.”

“We want to work as a group – to talk to our customers, our politicians and trade organisations about life on the Ormeau Road. We have a fantastic, eclectic mix of businesses making this one of the most vibrant, interesting areas of the city,” said the Association’s Chairperson, Adrian Allen.

The new organisation is being supported by Belfast City Council and the Chairman of the council’s Development Committee, Alderman Christopher Stalford, said: “We are delighted to work in partnership with local communities to promote economic development across the city.

“It is vital that people on the ground who know the trading conditions and understand the nuances and wishes of the communities they serve are given every support to increase business success.”

The group has set up a number of objectives that it hopes to achieve by uniting the business community It aims to organise and promote social and cultural activities and events for the area as well as to liaise with local schools, religious organisations and any other local groups or bodies in the development of initiatives for business and community involvement and events in the area.

“We want to implement practical projects that enhance the local environment and neighbourhood,” Adrian explained. “We will also be working together to lobby Government bodies so that we can continually work to make the Ormeau Road an even better place to work, live and shop.”

The Ormeau Road is home to the most culturally diverse population in Belfast. It has a fantastic array of cool pubs, indie restaurants and cafes, ethnic delis, together some of the city’s best Victorian architecture, including the Belfast Gasworks and the refurbished Ormeau Bakery.

For more information go to www.ormeaubusinessassociation.com.