Ormeau Business Association ‘maps out’ a bright new future

By April 3, 2014News, Newsroom

Ormeau Business Association (OBA) today (March 27)  launched a new initiative to put the area squarely on the map.

The group has developed an online road map directory listing many of the businesses operating on this most cosmopolitan and family friendly of Belfast neighbourhoods.

It received financial support from Belfast City Council to produce the new road map directory. The map can be accessed online by visiting the association’s website on www.ormeaubusinessassociation.com

OBA Secretary, Paula Devenney, speaking at the launch in the Parador Hotel, said: “The purpose of the map is to let the public know how much the Ormeau Road has to offer. The road is teeming with high quality businesses offering a vast range of services from restaurants and coffee shops to pharmacies and estate agents.

“People don’t have to go to huge out of town shopping centres for convenient shopping – the Ormeau Road has such a huge variety of businesses within easy walking distance. You can’t get more convenient than that!”

OBA Treasurer, Michael Goggin said: “The Ormeau Road is one of Belfast’s liveliest areas. The shopping experience is second to none and its cultural diversity means that it has become an essential area for the city’s foodies to buy sought after ingredients. I would urge everyone to come to the Ormeau Road to experience its friendliness and unrivalled customer service.”

The Ormeau Road has a bright future but also a colourful and fascinating past and distinguished political historian Dr Eamon Phoenix was at the launch to talk about the area’s rich history.

Dr Phoenix, who teaches at Stranmillis University College, spoke about its mediaeval past, about the vast estate of the founders of Belfast, the Chichester family, and about the technological advances of the 19th century with the development of the Gasworks, Ormeau Bakery and the brickworks in Sunnyside Street.

He said: “The Ormeau Road is a microcosm of the history of Belfast and this island. The area from the Ormeau Bridge to Rosetta is one of the most cosmopolitan, cross community, cross class and ethnically diverse areas of Belfast.

“It is a place where its residents from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds all live very amicably. It has a great infrastructure of shops and a very active social and community life. A lot is happening here and this new road map will let more people know about what this special area has to offer.”